May 8, 2006

MI:3 reviewed by JQ

I'd have to change the name to Mission Possible.... to have a TOTALLY KICK BUTT time at the mooooovies (lol so corny).. Gus and I checked out CT(crazy tom)'s new movie on Saturday. I had heard overall its the best of the MI's. (which actually didn't even matter considering i hadn't seen them) This role is perfect for CT because his character Evan Hunt really is kind of psychotic-- so it works for him. All of the other actors in the show were cool too, no one miscast. The action was fun and entertaining, the plot stayed exciting, and there was no Katie Holmes sitings what so ever. (all the ingredients for a summer blockbuster)

Although after the movie I did have the weird incling to go down to the Scientology center in Rochester and watch a free 15 minute movie that played every 15 minutes of the day. Oh, and I'd hate to admit it, but the craziest thing was my small crush on Phillip Seymour Hoffman that I must have developed during the flick. His voice is awesome (in this, not Capote) and he definately stole the show every scene he was in.

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