May 23, 2006

Sessa the Dog

Sessa's parents thought it'd be smart to feed this Sheltie dog a strict diet of doughnuts and beer. (They are from Middle America, which does not help the stereotype I hold at the moment). I almost cried when I first watched the clip on Fortunately, the Humanes Society took the dog out of its home and placed it in foster care where she is getting aquatic therapy at a Canine Rehabilitation center in AZ. So far she has lost 7 lbs. When the Humane Society first found her she was 75 lbs, 3 times the size that type of dog should be. Thats equivilant to a 600 lb person. I bet there are so many other dogs out there that are treated as horrible as Sessa's original owners treated her. Just because you are a fat ugly dumb hick horrible person, don't take it out on your dog who can't make these decisions for themselves!!! I wish I owned a farm so I could adopt 20 more dogs to save from degenerates like that.

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