May 9, 2006

Tori Spelling the new Angie?

While Tori Spelling's enjoying her new marriage to Dean McDermott and VH1 show 'SoNotorious', not everyone is sharing her excitement. The wife of Dean McDermott,Toronto TV personality Mary Jo Eustace, is finally lashing out at the TV Movie D-Lister (we're talking about Dean here-- because Tori is definately A-list in my book after 90210), saying he could've handled everything so different, instead of just being a selfish prick and leaving his family for a billionare Spelling. Now usually with these situations, I just smell publicity wannabe with the "victom ex wife" -- when it comes to breakups in Hollywood.

In this case however, this lady sounds pretty well grounded considering the shananigans her husband pulled. The lady is even writing a book about the past year of her life. On, she says "The past year was a nightmare, but it was also funny," she says. "I have to have a lot of humor about it. I have to embrace that side of it or I'd dis-empower myself."

Having a good sense of humor can keep you sane during any type of situation, People Magazine writes: As for the contents of the prospective book, Eustace says that among other things, she'll write about "the meltdown I had at the driver's license bureau because I'd missed my appointment. I started to cry and told the guy my husband had left me for Tori Spelling. He let me take my test … So, see, it has an upside too."

I bet the DMV doesn't hear that line so often.

Tori and Dean whined back "It's opportunistic and undignified that she would want to exploit her former marriage for monetary gain. We only wish her the very best." to the New York Post

I wish Tori and Dean a lifetime of Lifetime movies together!

She is SO getting the boot as a friend on MySpace

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