May 19, 2006

US Weekly Fantasy League

Whenever there's an ESPN magazine lying around our apartment, I'll always flip to The Sports Guy's page. I feel its a great way to try and connect to Gus.... or because I think Bill Simmons is cute and even cuter when he writes about stuff I can relate to, like MTV's Battle of the Sexes, and Ashton & Demi. But this weeks article tops the cake by far. He introduces the world to the meca of fantasy leagues... complements of US Weekly.

Here's an excerpt from his article:

"Here's how it works: 10 teams, auction format, $200 cap, five male and five female celebs per roster. Scoring is head-to-head for 22 weeks, playoffs over the last three (so you can have two seasons per year). OK, let's say you pay $55 for that chain-smoking tramp Lindsay Lohan. If she makes the cover of Us, you get 10 points (three for the inset photo). Every other Lohan picture inside is worth one. If she appears in the "Fashion Police," you're docked three. That's it. Simple. You can add or drop your celebs each Monday. Like maybe you want to dump Jake Gyllenhaal (because the whole "Brokeback" thing has played out) and grab Josh Hartnett (because he's dating Scarlett Johansson). Then again, you might want to hang on to Gyllenhaal. He's single and his number might be up in the Lohan deli line."


This league better be in the works now, I feel as if its my calling. Maybe I could even write off my subscription to US Weekly!!

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