May 28, 2006

Weren't you on Made?

So last night, Gus, Lauren, Lawson and I hit up Zach's Graduation party right by RIT. Unfortunately we did not get to watch UFC's fight like anticipated but hey.. plans change. We're standing outside right by the keg when all of a sudden Lawson goes "HEY weren't you on Made?" to one of the RIT wrestlers, David. "HA YEAH how do you know who i am?" he replies, which now I'm starting to realize that Lawson was actually serious. Apparentely it was season 2 or something, and this guy David was one of the "bullies" on the show. If thats not the silliest random thing to witness at a party, then I'm sorry I've wasted 30 seconds of your life. I then had to chyme in my comment of "Oh I thought you were the one who got Made.. from dorky band geek to homecoming king!"

Oh. And how does Lawson recognize this guy? Thats just impressive.

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