June 12, 2006

5 Alarmer Fondue

Last night Gus, Lauren, Wad, Alex and I met up for our regular HBO Theme Drinking Sunday, this time hosted at Alex's pad in Henrietta. The Downtowners hopped into Wad's rental (since it was a pretty long commute) and headed on down to our old stomping grounds. Now that Sopranos is over, the new lineup was Deadwood, Entourage, some show I didn't watch, and then Dane Cook's Tourgasm.

So Alex's house.. we bring over the regular apps and wine (plus Gus brought over a little nip of Black Label Whiskey for Deadwood) and Alex whipped out his fondue set because Wad brought over these "Little Smokies" hotdogs. He starts pouring the lighter fluid in, and we're like.. Alex, that looks like a lot of fluid. "No no don't worry about it- its fine". Lighter goes on. Flames go flying! Fondue set and coffee table are going up in flames and I just start cracking up. ALEX AND WAD ARE FIREFIGHTERS! How is this happening? And why is this so funny to me?? Lauren is in the kitchen looking over going "Are you kidding me?!" Alex goes over to get water to dump on the apparently recalled Fondue set, and Wad says "Water is only going to make the flames bigger.. Just stop drop and roll!" Which turned into me laugher even harder.

Finally after another couple minutes of flames, the fire goes out, and the coffee table is completely fine (apparently it was all ceramic). Deadwood comes on tv and all is well. Sunday night tradition continues on...


Julie Q said...

I would like to note Wad's lawyer contacted me this afternoon with a brief statement.

"I believe that I was miss-quoted by the writer. I didn’t say the flames would get bigger, but rather that they would spread. Another case of the paparazzi miss quoting the victim."
-Andy Wad

I stand my sources and will defend my original post!!

Jenny said...

This is the funniest thing that I have heard all day! Thanks Julie I needed that! LOL