June 16, 2006

Britney Spears does Springer!

I mean.. Dateline. Last night I finally got to watch the most talked about interview since.. the runaway bride! Matt Lauer interviewed Britney "Anna Nicole" Spears. She had to clear up that she's a redneck-hick-homewrecking-mullet head- Debb spokesmodel-unfit mother- 80s makeup wearin- surreal life candidate- worn out (maybe even strung out?) pop princess......... because she thought that America had forgot or something. I do love Matt Lauer though and he actually did ask good questions. Its just too bad they were to this southern dumb belle.

Here's a recap of the interview..

  • Britney and Kevin are doing great! She loves that he is simple. And she means that in a not gold digging way. Note that she couldn't look Matt Lauer in the face during any time she gushed about her "awesome" marriage.
  • She wore a too small supposedly "maternity" tank top and an even smaller jean skirt. Her huge boobs were popping out the whole time and not in a Pamela Anderson good way. And when she crossed her legs, way too much was revealed to unlucky Lauer. Her makeup consisted of Bubble gum pink blush and matching lipstick. Mascara with a huge clump on the corner of her right eye (please tell me someone else noticed that)
  • She did not know that Kevin Smederline had a pregnant girlfriend when she met him for about 2 months. Total BS.
  • I gotta give her some credit because she is about 7 months preggers, but why would she want to do an interview without putting on some sunless tanner at least?
Alright, enough Britney bashing.. the saddest part of the interview was not when she started crying because the paparazzi says shes a bad mom. Its actually when they show all of the clips from when she was hot and an awesome performer. I'm proud to admit that I loved almost all of her #1 hits. And remember her and Justin Timberlake? So frickin adorable. Its an end of an era.


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