June 17, 2006

Connect Four? Connect Whatever.

Let the record show that I lost a game of Connect Four last night at Buddha's Happy Hour held at O'Callahans. 94.1 The Zone had a table on the deck with all these prizes and one of the things you could do to win something was play connect four. OK.. how hard could this be? So i started playing against some older lady, and I start talking smack saying, how could anyone ever lose at this game? Especially when you're older (since I probably hadn't played it in 15 years or so). So we get to about 4 rows of complete nonsense... when I go to put a red checker down and BAM. Set that biatch up for the kill. Then she had the nerve to pick the prize I would have chosen, the miller lite bottle coozy. She sunk my battleship, and my happy hour beer buzz.

On a lighter note. Debbie Q is up this weekend to help me move some of my stuff back to Boston. 5 more days of Rochester for the Q!

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