June 19, 2006

Goodbye Rochester!

As most of you already know, I've accepted a job back in Boston and will be heading back to my hometown after 6 years in Rochester, NY. This is a crazy time for me right now, but nonetheless very exciting. I guess this post is geared towards saying goodbye to some of the things I am going to miss the most about Rochester.

The Girls.
In a world full of meatball boys (highly populated in the Rochester area)-- the bars and parties were always more enjoyable when we were all together usually cracking up about something silly. Lauren, I better see you in Boston soon because I don't think they can handle my Country Dancing alone. Jaclyn, my partner in crime in and out of the office, I know you have some animosity towards Beantown (haha) but there will always
be a glimmer of hope that you walk in to the bar when I am hanging out at "Margaritas"! And of course you will have to show up every once and awhile to zap Rocco and put him in his place! Meg, I hope you drag the girls out to the bars still, because I know people just won't want to go out anymore after I leave! :)

The Boys.
Gus and Rocco, this is going to be the longest month ever!! I'll miss you both very much, and Rocco, I realize that you can't read, but if you do happen to learn, please make sure Gus goes to bed at a decent time, and to set his alarm clock, because thats usually my job. To the rest of the guys in Rochester, I've had many fun nights hanging out with everyone. And sorry to all of our guy friends for probably yelling at each one of them at some point during my time in Rochester! haha, all in good fun.

Sunday Night Tradition.

Gus, Wad, Lauren and Alex, thank you for making Sunday nights so enjoyable again! I never appreciated Sundays before because during college, that is when I would do all of my homework for the week. But when you have a job, Sunday somehow turned into the new Saturday for us! We also have HBO to thank for their steller lineup of Sopranos, Entourage, and Deadwood. Big Love was never a hit, and HBO should do something about that.

Buddha Happy Hour.
Buddha has brought life back to Rochester's Happy Hour scene. While all of our friends can stay up into the early morning, I believe in an ice cold Summer Sam at 6pm on a Friday. I appreciate Evan's reaction last week when I told him that it would be my last BHH. After Gus said he'd still be attending, Evan suggested that they make next week's HH destination the Strip Club. Fabulous!

The Dog Park

My favorite part of the day is when we take Rocco down to Ellison park, known as the dog park to Rochestarians. A quick walk down a path brings you to a creek where on good days up to 25 dogs are running around and having a blast. Rocco learned how to swim there! He also got in his first legitimate dog fight (it was with a boxer). Yeah, Gus thought it was funny, and I on the other hand had to walk away with tears filling up in my eyes. But I can laugh thinking about it now.

The only thing better then working with Pam, Jim, Dwight, and Michael Scott from "The Office", is working with Joe, Jac, & Alyssa. Peter the intern and our newest edition Audra also made our office even more hilarious and fun, all while making deals ofcourse! I am going to miss our open ended discussions about Britney Spears and Kevin Shmederline and walking into Joe's office only to find a Bonanza marathon on the TV Land channel. Maybe I will return when Joe has turned Rochester into the next Trump landmark, but it'd be because I am one of the judges of his Apprentice-like reality show.

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