June 1, 2006

The Hills Schmills

After Erica asked Ali and I this morning via email if we watched The Hills , I found myself pondering my true feelings about this said Reality show.

Granted I will probably watch every episode this summer i did have a few thoughts about the show.

1. LC was obvoiusly going to get the job at Teen Vogue, so its obviously semi-scripted. Even in the previews it was like "Watch Lauren balance a prestigious internship at vogue and school and LA blah blah blah".

2. Heidi is good TV because she's just a goofball who is an idiot. Did she really say she didn't go to school at all and just shopped? Erica says "I wanted to knock that girl Heidi out…shes like ummm I don’t think I could ever work retail..I just want to be the fun party PR girl…and the lady’s like you realize you have to get a job and work hard before you get to the top right…shes was like dumfounded that people actually work and go to school and was like seriously? ........ Yeah people from LA are totally REAL..not"

3. Did you notice they didn't show one celeb at that Hot in Hollywood party? Lauren was watching the "VIP" section that was apparently only reserved for MTV's camera crews taping "The hills". I think I would've been the biggest celeb there if i had shown up.

4. I started cccracking up when it showed the "This season on The Hills" and Jason appeared on screen and it went into this lovey dovey segment about how he is the one. Is it just me or does he have that "I'm lost and staring at nothing " look whenever he is on camera. Ali told me that she heard LC on
Jamn 94.5 (Boston Radio) the other morning and they were pretty much making fun of her and her relationship with Jason..and she ended up hangin up on them. Hilarious.

5. If you ask me, the only way the hills could be saved is if they threw out the rest of the episodes, and tape a REAL reality show.. lets give Kristin an "internship" at Teen Rolling Stone and have them brawl every weekend at an event.. LC will be sneaking her friends in to the parties while Kristin will be back stage hooking up with Fall out Boy and Nick Lachey. TEAM KRISTIN

6. They should always have new episodes of Sweet 16 lined up to follow any MTV series. Cheyanne is just a D-listed Ashley Simpson and will probably make millions of dollars just because of this MTV show, and I want to have absolutely no part of it.

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Erica said...

I concur JQ