June 13, 2006

How to get the Guy, abc style

Last night I caught ABC's new series How To Get the Guy, and it was actually quite interesting to watch. It follows 4 different types of women in San Francisco and throws two "Dating" coaches their way. Definately a light summer fun show to watch, plus you can rock your psychologist skills and guess which girls on the show have a chance of finding love and which ones have so many issues there's no chance in hell they're going to find a boyfriend. Anne is the only one who seems to actually try all of the things the dating coaches tell her. Michelle just wants to find a guy who will listen to her neverending banter... Alissa just wants a yoga weirdo who is "real"... and Kris just wants to find a guy who is actually a Martini in disguise. And i'll leave you with by far the best quote of the show, and possibly the whole series. During a "Signal Party" (where guys wear a green button if they are single and a red button if they are taken). Kris decides to get wasted and the love coach Teresa says..

"Kris.. you are a graceful, beautiful, fun, great, full of life, smart woman... 3 drinks ago"

loves it!

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