June 13, 2006

JQ Lounge's Celebrity Profile: Peter the Intern

Hi, I'd like to speak to the Owner please?


I'm glad I caught you before the lunch rush.
My name is Peter. I'm calling to basically let you know that theres a possible leasing opportunity available for you in Greece right on West Ridge Road. Its right next to Sprint over at 1234 West Ridge. And being next to Sprint you're obviously going to attrack a hel.. heck of a lot of traffic and customers right to that location. Plus being on West Ridge Rd you have great visabilty and truly great location alongside West Ridge Road which is obviously one of the busiest roads in Rochester. This packs a pretty heavy punch in regards to this location.

And it really is a great location. You got the mall three quarters down on the left hand side. You got Jewelry Stores. You've got BURGER KING! It really would be perfect for you. Now what I would like to do is really get you in there. Take a look around! Show you what a GREAT location this is.

Well again, my name is Peter.. Actually I dont even remember if I caught YOUR name, what is it again? Oh.. great! Let me give you my cell phone as well. 555-5555. Alright, feel free to call me if you go look at the space. I could make it there in *5 min!

* our office is 20 minutes away

Usual response: "You already called me, I'm not interested".

Too bad I don't have my own company because I would definately get him the exclusive leasing opportunity.

What the hel... heck am I going to do when I can't listen to Peter making his phone calls anymore!?! Hit him up ladies, he's on Facebook!

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