June 24, 2006

Laces out!

Brett Myers, a pitcher from the Philadelphia Phillies got arrested late on Thursday night for beating up his wife on a Boston street when they were walking back to their hotel. Police say he punched his wife in the face.... with a CLOSED fist. This Boston Globe story talks to some of the witnesses who saw it.

What a psycho. People are pissed that he is still playing in the games against the Red Sox this weekend. I know his coach can say "he's innocent until proven guilty" but come on! There are more then 5 witnesses who saw this so called "innocent" piece of shit overpaid athlete going at it.

One said "He had her on the ground, he was trying to get her to go, and she was resisting. She curled up and sat on the ground. He was pulling her, her shirt was up around her neck. . . . He could have cared less that we were there."

Another guy said "This was wrong. Even if it was a Red Sox [player], I would have done something. And I love the Red Sox."

And I thought Ray Finkel was crazy! Karma is going to have this guy by the balls..

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