June 8, 2006

Lindsay says it best

One of the Blogs I always love reading, Lindsayism, wrote a 2 part movie review of the last two movies I saw. I had to post them because they are perfect and I dont think I could've written a better review.

Lindsay writes:

Movies I Saw this Weekend

The Break-Up:
A master(piece) of low-expectations. The critics tried to second-guess the public and got it way wrong, which is always amusing. I saw it in a packed theater full of laughing people - everyone in my group was shocked at how much we liked it. Even the straight guy. As we walked out, a group of NYU fratboys were loudly and seriously debating the ending. Oh, and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but up-and-coming movie comedy it boy JUSTIN LONG steals every scene he's in as a gay goth receptionist. Okay, now you're going to hate it because I built it up so much. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever, but it accomplished what it set out to do, no more, no less. I laughed out loud many times and, uh, well, there is this one REALLY SAD PART that I needed a tissue for...

Let's cleanse the palate...

Grandma's Boy: (now available on dvd) An excellent addition to any stoner comedy collection. Adam Sandler produced it, and it's basically like an entire movie made up of stuff that the lawyers made him cut from his other, more mainstream, movies. It's predictable and relies too much on the "old people saying raunchy things" hack, but has some surprising and original scenes and is funny throughout. And everything Nick Swardson touches is pure comedy gold, of course. Be sure to watch the extras.

(via Lindsay)

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