June 19, 2006

Meet the Machosexual

Finally the days of the Metrosexual are over. No longer do girls have to worry about men hogging the bathroom so they can put on their exfoliators, shave their chests, apply their self tanner, and touch up their highlights. After many surveys and studies, about 70% of men have spoken up saying they feel out of touch with most advertisements featured in the magazines these days.

Bring in the Machosexual. He's the polar opposite of a Metrosexual. He has the same passion of adventure and sports as the metro feels about Sephora and reading up on the new issue of GQ. Ben Affleck used to be the prime example of a Metro (during his Bennifer days) but recently he's come back to his roots and put down the J.Crew hair balm. Nick Lachey is another example of the rugged muscle guy girls all love. Even in the movies, anyone who has seen The Break Up will appreciate Vince Vaughns "guy's guy" lovable character.

Jude Law, your days are numbered (maybe you shouldn't have killed Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition!!!!) And David Beckam, I still don't mind looking at you even though you are the #1 metrosexual in the world.

1 comment:

Matt said...

i'll admit it. i'm a card carrying machosexual.

in lieu of shaving my chest, i slap rogaine on that bitch.

see you in boston, sister. oh yeah, you'll have the house to your self. i'll be crashing with kristy for the rest of the summer.

such a scrub, i know.