June 27, 2006

My Kind of People

Not everyday do you hear about a bizillionare giving away all of his money to charity. Warren Buffet announced earlier this week that he was going to give $38 Billion dollars to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This article from the New York Daily News covers yesterdays events when he signed away all of his money at the New York Public Library. If you check out the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's website, its a pretty amazing organization. You always think about the Government helping people, but now we've come across an era when these rich successful people and put a major mark on the world, making it a better place instead of making the rich get richer. Sure this all sounds kind of cheesy, but hey, I'd rather see headlines of someone finding the cure for AIDS then people losing the fight to all of these diseases out there.

There was one funny part to the NY Daily News' article...
When he started signing away his fortune, he joked the the crowd "
I wanted to make sure I never signed one, 'Dear Anna Nicole Smith"

Now thats one person who is NOT going to do anything with her billions except blow it up her nose.

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