June 25, 2006

New Job, New Format..

So tomorrow I start the new job. I'm pretty excited, somewhat anxious, a little curious if i'm going to be the best dressed (besides Joy of course), and VERY psyched that I'm trying something completely new and challenging. The only thing that will change with the blog is that the new posts will be at night, because the only flaw with the new job is the no blogging rule (not a definate rule, just totally guessing).

OH and I'd like to say congrats to my girl Audra for starting her very first blog. Its called AudKane is lame. Check it out!

And on a final note. Gus told me tonite that they decided the Rochester cast for Entourage while they were at Sunday Night tradition... night. And it goes as follows:

- Wad is E (Even though Pasty DID try to claim it at one point)
- Vig is Turtle (Enough said..)
- Viner was Ari (Legno we can veto this don't worry - and remember i wasn't there for voting)
- Gus is Vince (Even though personally i see Gus more as a Batman then Aquaman)
- Dingo is Johnny Drama (Because odds are Dingo will be famous before all of us)
- I got Shauna the Publicist (really? cos I totally could've pulled off Mandy)
- Lauren is DEFINATELY ari's wife. Done.
- And no one could come up with the perfect Lloyd, so if anyone has any suggestions, the comments section of this blog is gathering some cobbwebs.


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audra said...

AHHHHHH Julie!!!! I love ya, Hope the first day is a BLAST! ps I have a story for u later