June 29, 2006

No words.

Rush Limbaugh (in my eyes) is the closest thing this country has to 24's President Logan, which is why this picture is even more disturbing. It was taken at the Heritage Foundation sponsored discussion. What was Chloe thinking? Granted she looks completely caught off guard and shocked but still. How can she go back to talking to Jack tomorrow (get it.. on the next season of 24! hahaha) Apparently there WAS a reason for him to be hanging out with the 24 cast (minus bauer of course, because like Chuck Norris, Bauer doesn't need to go to silly luncheons). Rush Limbaugh's website has a recap of the event. Hopefully he had a notebook handy with him when he kissed Chloe, because he probably had a huge boner (ONLY because he was in the news recently of having unauthorized bottles of Viagara!) This guy is the biggest GOOBER ever, besides Bill O'Reilly.

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