June 28, 2006

Photoshop 9.Brit

OMG. Can't post the pic because I didn't pay the $2.00 or whatever the pic is going for. But click on this link to People Magazine. It shows Britbrit's new Harper's Bazaar cover. Not going to go too much into this, but 98.9% of this picture is the biggest photoshopped job I've ever seen! Lauren and I being RIT grads used our photoshop expertise and decided that they also gave her a new face. And possibly new hands. More TBD.

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audra said...

Being taught by Julie Q. how to properly use photoshop, I totally concur w/ you ladies.
ps I have updates:
Peter figured out what the 'E' was for all on his own and yesterday he was VERY upset to hear about Star Jones leaving the view. He stated "I'm seriously going to miss her, cause Star's my dog"