June 24, 2006

Say that again?

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.. just getting settled in Waltham. Good news is, its been raining for the past 2 days and the forecast shows it'll continue on for the next week. Bad news is, I should have thought about picking a sunnier, no snow destination. Just a thought!

Had dinner with the fam on Thursday night, haven't sat down for a meal with mom and Matt in quite some time. Next day I was talking about something and Matt's like.. say "camp" again. Once I did everyone told me I have a Rochester accent. NICE. So thats something fun to work on.

Yesterday for the 4 rain free hours in Boston, I remembered that my future in-laws rock an awesome inground pool in Franklin, so I headed over there to catch some tanning time. It was also their 33rd wedding anniversary, so congrats to the Mancini's!!

Tonite, heading in town to Boston with Miss Ali and Miss Steph. Ali is the maid of honor for BOTH steph and I's weddings, so we'll try not to drown her in too much wedding talk when we're throwing back some drinks. Also some of the Waltham girls are going to Boston for a bachelorette party, so I'll be psyched if we meet up with them. Then the new job starts on Monday and finally it won't feel like I'm at summer camp anymore! Miss most of the people in Rochester though! Lauren I do get happy when I see your 2:30am IM's.

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