June 14, 2006

World Naked Bike Ride '06

On June 10th, cities throughout the world participated in the World Naked Bike Ride. Part protest against the oil debate & part boycotting clothes maybe? The website is exactly what I thought it would be.. No surprises, just naked people riding their bikes. I wonder if anyone rided on pegs. Nevermind, I actually don't want to know the answer to that.

Surprisingly so, the website states

"What to wear? Do not fear! The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is "Bare As You Dare"... How bare is that ? How dare is that ?...Its all up to you, you decide what you are comfortable with.
No one is exluded or discriminated against based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, or anything else, for that matter!"

and also..

"Be creative and colorful in expressing yourself! Bodypainting, bike decorating, kustom themes, and other creative expression is strongly encouraged!"

Happy Trails to all the participants I guess?

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