June 2, 2006

Yeah I went to school with him.

Granted it was three years after he had graduated, but those are just small details. Matt Hamill is one of the guys favored to win on Spike TV's show "The Ultimate Fighter". Living with boys for the past 3 years has enabled me to appreciate such shows (and watch many many UFC pay per view fights). But unlike Football, I actually enjoy watching UFC. At the end of the show's season, UFC gives out two contracts, one to a light heavyweight and one to a middle heavyweight. Matt Hamill won the NCAA National Championship 3 times while at RIT, and is now training for the Olympics. Matt Hamill wrestled with Tony Wallace at RIT, and Tony Wallace wrestled with Gus... so pretty much Gus wrestled with Matt Hamill and Gus should be on UFC (its science).

Hamill is deaf. This was a factor on the show for awhile because people thought of him as handicap. But no, he is bad ass. The fight was alright last night but it was kind of obvious that he was injured, and also a little nervous about the fight. Plus, he is a ridiculous wrestler, so everyone thought he would just do his little wrestling moves to take down Mike, but he didn't do that once, he just went into the fight throwing punches and looking more like a boxer (which surprised me because he had a hand injury!) Sorry girls for the boring post, but since my fan base is mostly men who just adore me, I had to throw something their way! haaaaaa. Matt Hamill ROCKS.

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