July 29, 2006

10 Tips for Good Ass Ice Coffee

Saw THIS on the Today Show website when I was researching the Treehouses (next post down)

Let's Start It Up..
Begin with good tasting water. Use bottled water if you usually do not drink your tap water.

2. Buy small quantities of whole beans and store airtight at room temperature. Buy just enough for 1 week from a store that has high turnover.

3. Use French roast beans for a very dark-colored and rich-flavored brew. Try a lighter roast and bean, such as Sumatran, for a lighter color and mellower flavor.

4. Grind what you need right before you use it. Once ground, coffee loses its flavor quickly.

5. Make sure you use the right grind for your machine. Check manufacturer's instructions for details.

6. Drip machines make excellent coffee. For a heartier brew, try a French press machine.

7. Use 2 tablespoons of grounds per 6 ounces of water for every cup. Adjust to taste from there.

8. Chill your coffee well before pouring over ice. Do not pour hot coffee over ice and do not use leftover coffee for iced coffee either, especially if it has been sitting on a warmer for hours.

9. Pour some coffee into ice cube tray to make coffee ice cubes so as not to dilute your beverage.

10. Make sugar syrup by simmering equal parts sugar and water. Cool and serve alongside your iced coffee drinks. It dissolves instantly.

Granted I'll still go to Dunkin Donuts for my Ice Coffee fix, but we got a sweet Coffee maker for the Bridal Shower that I can't wait to open as soon as we get to the new place!!

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