July 16, 2006

200th Post!

So yeah this is the 200th post on the JQ Lounge. Here are a few more thoughts I've had as of late.

1. Saturday morning I was sipping ice coffee in Dunkin Donuts staring at the plasma tv on the wall and CNN headline news shows all of the chaos going on in Israel, but then the next top news story was about Barbaro the horse. I'm sorry but doesn't this story seem kind of planted in there? Later on that night-- me, Gus, & Wad were talking about it at the bar and we all agreed, they're trying to turn it into another Seabiscuit. We haven't actually seen this horse since his accident during the Preakness, its starting to get as eerie as Tom & Katie's supposed daughter Suri. Who knows whats going on..

2. VH1 & Entertainment Weekly's "World Series of Pop Culture" is an amazing show. Gus and I kicked ass yesterday answering 95% of all of the questions, even stumping the contestants once or twice. I was seriously considering going to a casting call, until I google'd it and realized I missed that boat by at least 3 mos haha. I'm not really sure who we would have picked for the 3rd person on the team, or what our name would've been.. I guess I'll have to put all of my effort into getting on Jeopardy instead. What is.. 200th post, Alex?

3. Wedding.. kind of crazy that I'm getting married in a little over 2 months. Gus got me pretty roses on Friday because it had been exactly a year ago when we got engaged!

4. Lauren and Jaclyn are visiting next weekend! Definately the best remedy for missing 10 Ugly Men Festival for the first time in 4 years.

5. The Big Dig.. its so sad to see all of this stuff on the Boston newscasts about how all of the tunnels in Boston are probably going to collapse on you when you drive in them-- making me a full supporter of the T system! However, I'm probably not the best person to talk to about all of this.. Gus laughed at me because my news update about everything was "OMG.. they just found out that 200 more bolts in the tunnels were screwy" Gus then explained to me that bolts are actually, in fact, screwy..

Is this chicken or tuna?

Okay, that's all I got. Here's to many more posts on the JQ Lounge and hopefully a future reality show in the works?

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