July 4, 2006

Happy 4th!

Definately had a great 4 day weekend in Boston! Forecast called for rain the whole time but I don't think we witnessed a drop of it. Friday night finally visiting Neal and Jenny's condo and got the royal tour of the Brighton area bars. Saturday Gus & Rocco drove in from the ROC. Sunday we had the big cookout in Franklin. Meg, Glynn, Neal, Jenny, Pete and Henry made their RIT guest star appearances as well. Monday we spent all day on Lake Pearl getting some more sun. And today it looks like I'll be heading into Neal and Jenny's place again to chill at their rooftop pool!

The only sad part was on Sunday Rocco blistered his two back paws because the rocks by the pool were pretty frickin' hot. He was out for the count on Monday and limping so we soaked his feet in warm water then put some neosporin on and wrap them up so he'd heal quicker. But he had the TV remote & AC so he's doing a lot better. Already this morning he's running around back to his old monster self. But I had to include the pic with his little footsies on because it was too cute!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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Leslie said...

Awww, poor Rocco!! I went on a backpacking trip this January and the sheepdog mix who accompanied us boiled his paws in the hot springs! He had to wear doggie booties and still had a sixteen mile hike the next day! By the time we got him home he refused to move from the truck bed.