July 9, 2006

I heart my Frankenpup

Its like the New York Observer wrote this article specifically for me.. its about how people are loving the new Frankenpup, who is the mixing of two designer breeds. You've seen Jake Gyllenhaul with his Puggle (cross between beagle and pug) and Jessica Simpson with her half-Maltese malte-poo, Daisy.

“For a long time, these labradoodles or puggles, etc., etc., they were all thought of as outcasts, mongrels,” said Leslie Padgett, editor of New York Dog Magazine. “But now it’s cool to have a dog that not everyone else has.”

I'm no longer calling Rocco a mutt, he's now a hybrid dog... Bassett hounds and Rottweilers can fall into the designer breed category. All I have to do now is deside if I should call him a Basettweiler or a Rotthound. Definately read the article!

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