July 5, 2006

Local Celebrity Spotting

Yeah so I wasn't going to write a post tonite but then I realized the ridiculous celeb spotting I saw earlier today. I was at the Market (sidenote: Gus made fun of me when I decided to refer the grocery store as "the market".. but besides the point.) And I saw Richard Rubin from Ashton Kutcher's "Beauty and the Geek" Season 1.

At first I thought my brain must have been going through withdrawal because I hadn't read an US Weekly in a whole week (sidenote: just started getting my mail forwarded today) but no, it really was Richard Rubin, because I remembered that he went to Brandeis University which is in Waltham.

Now if only I could run into Brian Worth, of Average Joe fame. And maybe CT from Billerica (Real World Paris), and why not throw in Coral (Real World NY) just for the heck of it.

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