July 11, 2006

Monk & Psyche = wicked funny

So Saturday afternoon I was still trying to figure out what channels are what in Boston and I came across the USA network. It was showing the repeats of Monk and the new show Psyche, so I decided to get them a try. I had never seen either of these shows but I had heard about them both as being good. And good they were. Monk was great because he's a detective that has a mad case of OCD, and everyone on the show is really funny.

Psyche was also a surprise hit in my book, which also is about a detective, but this guy claims he's a psychic, which [insert sitcom genius here] he's not. And his friend's name is Gus, what else could you want for a tv show? Obviously none of my JQ Lounge readers are going to sit in on a Friday night to watch these 2 shows, but its a most definate for your t-vo slots!

To put it in a nutshell, both shows are like Arrested Development meets Law & Order. Wow, I really think I should submit my television editorials to TV Guide.

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