July 29, 2006

Tree House Workshop.. I want one!

I saw this on the either GMA or the Today Show weekend edition this morning. This company TreeHouse Workshop puts together the most ridiculous awesome treehouses ever. And no I'm not talking a tree house for a 15 yr old so they can go poke the smot in after school, I'm talking about ones that cost $50K - $300K and have their own fireplace, bathroom, full kitchen, etc.

Maybe Gus got this for my birthday? But probably not.. considering one- we dont have a house and two- no house equals no backyard which also equals... no trees. Next year though?

But the good news is, for those of you who don't have the budget to add a Cribs style treehouse to your digs, you can buy a BOOK.

The book probably kills the tree that the treehouse saved, but what can ya do.

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