July 9, 2006

Viva Italia!

Finally, the Italian soccer team has gotten recognition for being so gorgeous. AND they won the world cup today. I went over to Ali's to watch the game with her fam and then me her and Debbie C headed into Boston to the North End where we could celebrate with all of the other beautiful Italians! Totally should've brought the digicam, but I left it at home. I sent a few of you a pix msg of the ruckus in Boston, mostly drunk guineas running around with blue shirts, Italian flags wrapped around their heads, red white and green wrist bands, bronze tans, Peroni beers, and gold jewelry. We went and grabbed a beer at Cafee Pompei (mostly to take advantage of the air conditioning since it was a billion degrees outside). Then walked around some more, waved to Channel 4's camera that was on the roof taping the crowd.

Although there were 10,000 funny quotes of the night, my favorite part had to be this drunk lady on the stairs yelling at her boyfriend "How can you break up with me, today of all days?!" Then slurring some profanity into her phone. All I wanted to say is... Oh honey, it could have been worst.. Italy could have LOST! We then ended the night grabbing some pizza at Regina's. What an awesome time!!!!!!! ITALIA! ITALIA!

PS. This is a treat for all of the girlies out there who love the Italian National Team. Enjoy!

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Leslie said...

I know you Qs are Italian, but the Red Sox fan in me wanted the underdog (i.e., France) to prevail. Also, it seemed random that of all the cities in the world the coverage kept showing Boston's reaction! I guess you can't compete with those Boston fans!