July 23, 2006

Wicked Fun Toe Crushing weekend

So Jaclyn and Lauren came here for the weekend! Lauren had to find an apartment and Jaclyn came with for moral support, and to make sure the new apartment was acceptable for her roomy. At least we know she will be in good hands because I set her up to live with Gus' fun & friendly cousin Sarah.

Friday night: We hit up Harry's for dinner with the girls and Henry and his roomy. We then headed over to Tonic and Wonder Bar. It was a fun drunk time, lots of dancing and ridiculous quotes. Henry and Lauren looked like they should have been on "So You Think You Can Dance".

But the night took a term for the worse when a hooch stepped on Lauren's toe with her heel. I was downstairs during this fiasco, but heard about how the bouncer told Lauren if she pointed out who did it-- they would kick the biatch out. Unfortch we never spotted this so called Heel Bandit, but attempted to make a post on Craig's list the next morning telling her to give herself up, and allow Lauren to break off her toenail too, because it would only be fair.. haha but if you do see Lauren, please give her your sympathy and maybe even a foot massage.

AH I had a great weekend hanging out with the girls, Lauren moves here next month and THEN I'm going to have to convince Jaclyn to buy a jet so she can come visit every weekend.

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