July 26, 2006

WOW, more than one Julie Q?!

This might be the craziest post ever to hit the JQ Lounge.. Okay here it goes.. I was checking out www.julieandgus.com and I always think there is a chance that someone will sign the guestbook, but NO ONE ever does. But I check anyways, ya know? So I click on the page, and I see Julie Quagliozzi signed it.. My first thought is that Legno or Gus were going to type in some bridezilla comment (since both of them have been verbally attacked by a yelling JQ within the last week! Legno, you def are NOT having gus' bachelor party the night before the wedding) but NO, I start reading it and its a Julie Quagliozzi who google'd her name and saw this link (and maybe my stupid rit webpage i had to make freshman year as well?)

I feel like I have to get a drink with this JQ2 now! Its way too crazy all of the similarities. Now that I think about it, my Aunt Karen told me she saw a Julie Quagliozzi on a basketball roster like 10 years ago, but I forgot all about that.

Here's the msg she wrote:

That definately made my day! Now time to go write a hundred more wedding invites..

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