August 11, 2006

A Closer Look: Weekend Edition

Hope everyone rocks out like Brooke Hogan this weekend!!!

  • ABC News' person of the week, Linda Nealon. She's gone to Lebanon to help all of the dogs that have been forgotten because of the war. I wish I could adopt 20 of them.
  • This couple is suing to live in sin.. Honey- just move to Rochester
  • And I thought getting beat up by Richard Simmons would be embarassing.
  • Chris Gabrieli rocks, i want him to be the next Governer for the Great State of Massachusetts. But I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that his voice sounds exactly like Paul Giamatti.
  • Either ya get some or ya don't. HA, The Today show really gets to the tough stuff.
  • Sorry Lauren, but you are totally the first person I thought of when I saw this article!!! tehehe
  • Meatball tells his side of the story. Yep, still a meatball in my book.
  • SHOUTOUT to Erica and Steph who are running the Falmouth Road Race this Sunday. Good luck ladies!!!!
  • And i'll leave you with a quote of the day.. My grandmother (as she looks out the window): "Julie, there's a bus out there blocking our cars in the driveway" Me: "Oh, did you need to go somewhere right now?" Eve: "No, but its just not supposed to be there that's all" Me: "Hmm, is it still there?" Eve: "No"
I'm going to VT early tomorrow AM for my 3 day summer vacation with Gusman (who is sitting in the 6th row at the Sox game right now.. lucky bastard). Check y'all on Tuesday.

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