August 16, 2006

Cos Pam is the coooolest, That's why

Yeah so I haven't myspace'd in almost a whole month! But then I got a "Someone posted a comment" email only to see the funniest and most well thought out comment ever from Miss Pam. Here it goes..

** Note: for those 2 people out there who have never seen a myspace profile, it has a section where you right all of your favorite things, thus the purpose of the following comment.

"I know how you can have all of your favorite things at the same time: You and
Gus be stars of Newlyweds can document the planning of your wedding including your wedding makeup and the Greco-Italian menu, you can drink wine all day while laughing with friends who will be cold calling MTV watchers to sign up for your fan club and Coral (a season one regular) will challenge all those who say no, in-between shopping trips where you dont actually buy that much you just go to the mall and people watch and display your sarcastic wit when someone belongs in the Donts section of Glamour magazine, get MTV to pay for a box seat at Fenway (where, of course, you will invite me to watch all Yankees games) and a sweet vacation of your choosing, all while practicing your typography and new media skills to create the perfect website to blog your activities. Your fame will surely get you invited to a private screening of Suris unveiling where I hear Johnny will be in attendance"

I got this call for delivery.. i think it was crank call. vant some shockalate cake?

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