August 15, 2006

I'm in a VT state of mind

Vermont is the best place ever. Finally got to get away from wedding mambo jambo to go relax, see Debbie Q and Mr. Rocco. For those who don't know, we sent Rocco away to Camp VT until we move into the new place. Not sure if Rocco is going to want to come back though! He's had a blast in VT hanging out with his Glam-ma. Saturday morning we got an early start at 7:30am, only to get a flat tire at 7:42am in Bedford. Gus changed the flat, drove back to get my car, and away we went... again.

drive to VT is so much easier then the Rochester-Boston trip. The scenery is just a tad prettier in VT then the NY thruway. We stayed up at our cabin at Smugglers Notch both nights and it was a good time. We rented Prime, The Inside Man, and Madea's Family Reunion (HA guess which two were JQ's picks). Inside Man was really good, definately recommend it as a rental. Reminded me of Die Hard 3 for some reason. On Sunday we headed in to Burlington to check out Lake Champlain and walk around Church St with all the other trendy earthy crunchy people in Vermont. Monday morning we headed back to Boston.

Oh man, checked out IKEA for the first time ever. It reminds me of Disney World for grownups. Out of all the stuff we need for the new place, we somehow picked up a Svedish
designer chair for the living room, which only purpose I've realized is for Gus to play video games. At least it looks cool. Here are some pics from the weekend.

First off, I had to get a pic of this crazy hick place we drove by!!!

This poor chick was doing the Walk of Shame on a Sunday afternoon.
Lake Champlain is soooo pretty!
Mountain Rocky High

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