September 21, 2006

I Heart Thursday Nights

Just had to rant about how awesome my Thursday night television was tonite. My Name Is Earl was actually funny. (they kept on making comments about Britney Spears and Shmederline.. which was very true considering its about white trash characters).

Then it was The Office, which I was so excited for. Jim and Pam.. SHE DIDN'T GET MARRIED! He'll totally transfer back to Scranton. And Michael kissing Oscar? I was pretty much crying laughing at that point.

Then hit up Grey's Anatomy (even though I am a fan of CSI, I can't make that my priority at 9pm on Thursdays anymore). Grey's was good. I just really like that show, and even though its pretty much the exact same thing every week- they somehow trick you into thinking that its not.

HERE's a funny article about Greys from CNN.

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