September 17, 2006

The Last Kiss

So yesterday Gus and I hit up the movie theatre to go see The Last Kiss. It had just come out this weekend and it looked super cute. Zach Braf and Rachel Bilson? How does that not scream romantic comedy. Well be warned. THIS IS NOT A ROMANTIC COMEDY. NOR IS IT A CHICK FLICK. There should be a warning- but not even Rated R would do. I'd have to go with instead of NC-17 (that stands for no children under 17 be admitted) they should switch it to NECGMITNTW. That stands for "No Engaged Couples Getting Married in the Next Two Weeks" be admitted. This depressing realistic European original makes sure to get the point accross that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. And yeah, I'm sure you're thinking right now, NO SHIT! But still, they spend the whole movie emphasizing that even the best ones are doomed, but hey, everyone should give it a shot, because what else are ya gonna do!

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