September 19, 2006

Legno hits up Fashion Week!

Saturday morning rolls around, and there's a package waiting on my doorstep. Open up the federal express bag to find a MAC makeup giftbag from the Zac Posen show in NYC from Thursday night. Legno texts me ironically at the same time "Did you get the package yet?"
Turns out JQ Lounge Correspondant Joe Legno hit up NYC's Olympus Fashion week to let our readers know whats up for Spring '07! Luckily enough for me the giftbag consisted of makeup. Here are some pics, notice Joe hanging out with Kanye West, Kate Bosworth and Hilary Duff to name a few..

Because that is a typical night for brother Legno.

(above: Project Runway's Tim Gund, model, legno, & boch)

(above: Sandra Burnhardt)

(above: Kate Bosworth)

(above: Elyse and the Duffster)

In other news, Gus and I got our marriage license at the City Hall today, very exciting stuff!
10 Days away!!

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