October 17, 2006

Chronick What Cles of Boston

2 things on Chronicle (a New England show) that I liked tonite.

1. Johnny Cupcakes: the underground t-shirt sensation who’s gone mainstream with a store on Newbury Street.

2. Wishes for Girls: A Look at the growing love affair between the beauty industry and America's tween girls. Personal note: I did not get my first manicure until the day of my senior prom (Venus nails whaaaaat) and my first pedicure occurred just this year (the day before I left for Cabo) so its nice to know there are 5 year olds getting pampered (do they even have nails???) Oh and the day my daughter wants to have her bday party at THIS place? Just.. wow.

Ok, time to indulge in my treat for the week: MTV's True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl. Peace out!

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