October 5, 2006

The Departed Arrives Friday!

So yeah the greatest movie of the year comes out Friday. And that would be The Departed. Martin Scorsese's latest masterpiece, starring Jacko, Will Hunting, Mark Walhberg from Fear, and the Heart of the Ocean Leonard DiCaprio himself. Since Saturday will be filled up with Harvard Pride (more on that later), it sounds like we'll be catching a Friday show.

Okay now.. for Saturday, Lauren got accepted early into Harvard Law School, so they gave her 10 VIP tickets to the Harvard football game. Actually that was a lie. It was really 14 tickets. So the Rochester Boston crew (RBC) will be checking out the game and then hanging out in Harvard Square at the Boston Baas. Lets just hope Gus keeps his magic marker at home because last time we were at the Harvard bars drinking scorpian bowls, he whipped the marker out and started writing equations on the wall. And I wish that was a lie.

Here's an article about Jack Nicholson from MSNBC. They count down his top ten flicks. Just to get you excited for THE DEPARTED and all! Have a great weekend! My movie review will be posted sometime this weekend.

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