October 22, 2006

The D's 2nd Annual Halloween Party

Last night we went to Cindy and Craig's Halloween party. I'd seen the footage of last years kareoke and knew we couldn't miss it this year (it also helps when you dont live 6 hrs away anymore!) Gus and I decided to be tennis Pros, which i thought consisted of cute country club outfits with lots of argyle, and then when I came home from getting my haircut, Gus walks out in this huge blond wig with a headband on. Unfortunately I myself did not take any pics of this- but i'll post one when someone sends me it. Lets just say, both my mom and I had the same reaction (at separate instances)... "Gus there is a reason you are not a natural blonde." BUT coincidently enough, i grabbed a pic as soon as it came off (we had an agreement this would be at 9:25pm). The good news is, he did win best costume- which Cindy and Craig gave out a kickass goodie bag including a $20 gift card to the NH Liquor store (*note party was in Nashua) Overall very good time =)

Oh and I couldn't leave out Frank the Keg..

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