October 16, 2006

RBC Foliage VT Jamboree!

This weekend the RBC (Rochester Boston Coalition) took its first official fieldtrip to Vermont! Me, Gus, Jenny, Neal, Lauren and Henry headed up to my cabin in VT for a fun filled weekend of barhopping in Burlington and Oktoberfest hosted by my mom! Friday night the bars were fun, VT is awesome because its all a bunch of nice people having a good time. Didn't run into any meatball guys who squeeze into their FCUK shirts and Rock & Republic jeans and ordered Mohitos. We all then crashed at a hotel in Burlington (because NO ONE should ever drink and drive) and were left with a minor hangover on Saturday. Saturday morning we packed up and hit the road to head over to the cabin. Instead of hitting up the usual Dunkin Donuts, we decided to find a dive diner called Powells. This one room diner consisted of 3 tables and a lot of stuffed animals hanging on the wall. Flo took our orders and went a'cookin' 5 feet away from us. Gus made the rookie mistake of assuming that they had Green Mountain coffee (only because its free at all of the rest stops in VT!), but no, they use the traditional folgers there.
With a hearty breakfast done, next stop on our trip was a winery! 12 Bottles purchased later- off to the cabin! The cabin was a good time. The boys played around with BBGuns and girls tried to catch some serious farmer tanning time. After a few games of cards, we headed over to Oktoberfest. You'd think I'd be a good cook considering my mom is absolutely the best party hostest in the world! All of the girls dreams of a low carb weekend vanished when the pumpernickel party bread bowl and the homemade swedish meatballs hit the table. Oktoberfest retired back to the cabin where the RBC trained for the Wine Tour we got next month in Rochester!

Here are a few more pics of the weekend..

Miss Lauren showing her true feelings about Gus!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Jula, this is yo momma...Those were not Swedish Meatballs, those were Hey, Hey Sauerkraut Meatballs...Also that was a Portuguese Sweet Bread Dip that I have made since Mrs. Auld introduced it to me when you were little and obviously not drinking!!! We were tickled that you all made it up! Hopefully you will be up for some boarding and skiing and even some snowshoeing up behind the cabin or over at Paul's mountain with his rugged clan. Perhaps some venison stew from one of Gus' deer hunting expeditions in the wilderness can be on the next menu...