October 13, 2006

Rocco Vs The Dyson

Rocco has got some strict competition as of today. We decided to go buy the Dyson Animal at Linens & Kill Yourself. And yeah- its got a hemi. We were so happy with this purchase, we decided to ponder the thought of which is better, the dyson or the Rocco.

Advantages of a Dyson:
-Cleans the house
-picks up unwanted dirt
-pretty purple color
-light and easy to manuever.
Advantages of a Rocco:
-whines a lot
-eats your socks and underwear
-pees when he meets new people
-jumps in your bed every morning at 4am when you're too sleepy to notice.

Well this is quite the list of comparisons, but I'd have to say, i've cuddled with both, the dyson and the rocco, and I'm going make my pick for Rocco.

1 comment:

Ava said...

Rocco is adorable...but the Dyson is amazing too...(chocolate labrador supervisor).