November 5, 2006

Borat bored many... NOT!

Many a time I have these one liners that only a few people get, and even if you do happen to figure it out.. it has very little payout. But after watching the Borat movie yesterday, you might want to stay away from any conversations with me for another couple weeks, unless you go see this ridiculous documentary! Gus & I caught a 2pm show yesterday, and it was a packed theatre. Do any of you have an embarasing laugh? Because I have one, that i'm not too proud of. Yeah, I laughed like that for 2 hours. And then on Saturday night, we headed into Boston to go celebrate Dana & Sinead's engagement. A couple Miller Lites later and I think I started saying NOT after every other sentence. And that part only makes up 1.4% of the film. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Wa wa woo waaa.

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