November 26, 2006

JQ Lounge Critics Corner

So I've checked out a bunch of movies lately and wanted to mention 3 of them.

Everyone is talking about how Babel is one of this years best films. Gus and I met up with Matt Q & Kristy last night to check out Brad Pitt's new flick. What a disappointment! While all of the acting in it was pretty remarkable, the 4 individual stories did not seem to intertwine in the end. OH yeah, and it was completely depressing. I think I would rather take the $18 for the tickets and pay someone to punch me in the face. At least I wouldn't have to sit through 2 hours of getting my emotions brutally tortured. If I had to compare the movie to anything, it would be Crash, but Crash at least gave the movie goer a feel good ending. After we walked out of Babel during the credits, my brother had to sneak into Borat for 5 minutes just to get a laugh in. So go see it if you like to go see some very good acting, but be prepared for no chance of a Scooby Do ending.


A coworker of mine had told me to go see Scoop while it was in theatres, but I never got a chance to do so, but I did get to rent it this weekend. Woody Allen's newest comedy takes place in England and involves a serial killer mystery featuring Scarlet Johannson, Hugh Jackman, & Ian McShane from Deadwood.

I give this movie 2 manicured thumbs up! Woody Allen's sense of humor is right up my alley and the plot never gets dull. And Hugh Jackman is surprisingly very attractive in it! Maybe I'm just used to seeing him as a horrible hairy Wolverine.

You, Me & Dupre

Call me a sucker for Romantic Comedies, but You, Me & Dupree was SO much better then I thought it would be. I brought it to Gus' house for Thanksgiving and was able to make them shut off football for 2 hours (they said there was a bad game on anyways) so we could watch it. I loved it! And even the boys who watched it found it pretty funny. Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson are the newlyweds, and Owen Wilson plays Dupre, the funny ridiculous friend who moves in to test their limits on a mooching friend. Owen steals the movie and I could even see some of that onscreen chemistry that is rumored to be offscreen as well with Kate and Owen. And this movie also makes me hope one of my friends has a destination wedding. RENT this flick people!

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