November 25, 2006

RBC 4 Star Hotel Night

So this actually happened a couple weeks ago, but due to me not having Internet, I thought I'd share with you a few pics from the RBC's Party like A Rock Star event. Neal scored us a room at the brand new Intercontinental hotel on the water in Boston- so we decided to hit up the bars in Fanuel Hall because it was right by the hotel. Definately felt like a VIP that night! There was a red carpet outside the hotel and everything! Oh and a telephone in the bathroom? Thats just impressive. Henry got a lot of business done on that toilet.

The bars were fun. We hit up Jose McIntyres first, which consisted of drinking and staring at the crazy people sitting next to us on the couches upstairs. It was this 40 yr old guy with these 21 yr old i want to say escorts. I say this only because, when they were taking pics of each other, the girls kept flashing the camera. And this was only 10pm people... Sorry, couldn't put those pics up 1. because this is a classy site, and 2. I didn't even take any because they were very unattractive.

We then moved along to The Times, where they had a live band call the Bumpin' Uglies playing. The band was hilarious and it turned into an old school dance party. Needless to say, we found all of THESE pics of us fe
atured on their website the next day. Awesome. Definately a fun fun evening with the RBC. Do not know where the next event will bring us. I'm thinking Vegas.

Here are some more pics..

The bar at the hotel. Don't worry, a glass of Pinot is only $12..

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