December 17, 2006

1st Annual Holiday Soiree

Last night, Neal & Jenny hosted the 1st Annual Holiday Soiree. It was a great attendence for the first party, which Neal later said that us original attendees would be grandfathered in to the future debochery of Christmas cheer. The night started out wonderful with a Champagne Toast to a great year, and then it followed up with lots of Margaritas, Hot Toddys, Appletinis, MLs, Pinot Grigiots and whatever else made it to the table. Jenny prepared lots of nice aps and I think Dan might have played a song on the guitar? A couple randoms showed up.. Maybe we sang some carrols.. Gus and Neal wrestled.. (This is all according to the pics I just sorted through!) Definately a top 5 night! Here are some pix..


Ali said...

omg, that pic of Dan and Gus is too funny! Too bad we didn't get a pic of Henry throwing himself over the couch onto the nice glass table.

Jenny said...

Nice recap of the night, I almost forgot about the randoms, haha. We watched the videotape from the party yesterday, it was hilarious!!