December 14, 2006 is right on the buzzer

So i was checking the web browser on gus' laptop (completely by accident! OBviously) and i saw on there. Which is funny because I have kept on seeing those Jamie Lee Curtis commercials for the website, which after filling out a profile they tell you what to buy them. I finally asked Gus about this a few minutes ago and he said, Actually- I didn't end up picking out any of the things they suggested. But you wanna know what you were catergorized as?

A Country Clubber.
Her average day might start with a friendly game of doubles tennis at the club, followed by lunch to hash out the details—she's great with details—on an upcoming charity event. She would then slide behind the wheel of her car (probably German) to get her manicure (probably French). By evening, you may find her at the yacht club sipping a top-shelf martini as straight up and classic as her mother's pearls, which she's been known to borrow on occasion. She does it all with grace and good taste—for her, proper etiquette is effortless.
Famous Example: Charlotte York - "Sex and the City", The Kennedys" Loves it. And loves Christmas.

He then thought the categorizing was pretty funny so he filled out the survey for himself (he was a geek) and Legno (who ofcourse was a metrosexual).

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