December 28, 2006

Is it Chicken or is it Tuna?

Yesterday I hit up Macy's and found the best julie q NYE dress for Sunday! The deciding process was a little tricky because this was the only one that was NOT on sale. So I brought 5 other ones into the dressing room and tried them on first to see if i could trick myself out of wanting this one. But then you factor in the Womens formula for buying something, where you divide it by the number of times you'll wear it so it only ended up like $50 after all that math!

This is not the point of this blog.

The real issue was, all of the people at Macy's thought it was a greyish silver and I was the only one who thought it was a tannish GOLD. Gus then tried to convince me I was colorblind because there was no chance it was any color then silver. He had me going on this theory for quite some time, even bringing up random stuff like "Yeah Julie- and sometimes you try to decorate the house with all of these things that don't match- it must be due to your colorblindness" Are you kidding me?

Finally- Ali and Erica were over last night and the first thing I did was ask their opinion. "Yeah that's definately a tannish brownish color" they said. THANK YOU. Gus would not accept this. "Go online and see what colors the Designer says the dress is" The good news was, the color was on the tag. Sky Blue and TAUPE. What the hell is taupe? I google this said word and come up with the correct defination "A brownish grey" and on another website "A greyish brown"

Apparently we are both right. And I am not colorblind. And I'm running out to Pier One to buy some more decor for our house that will match PERFECTLY.

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