December 5, 2006

My Boys (besides Gus and Rocco)

So last week I tuned in and watched TBS's new show My Boys. Its based in Chicago and it follows this girl PJ's life of being a tomboy who basically just hangs out with guys. I thought the show was pretty funny and it definately reminded me of someone I knew in college. Its on at 10pm and usually has two back to back half hour shows. The actress who plays PJ does a perfect job and the love interest guy looked SO frickin familiar, so I googled him and found out he's been on a million tv shows, one of them being WB's related (yeah I think I was the only person who watched that show). Anyways, its a stupid cute show. Check it out.

Oh and while i was researching for this post, I came across a goal for myself to someday have my own IMBD profile. I think if I can at least make it onto a Lifetime movie credits list that will be a start.

Here is a funny article about IMDB

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